We'll decide when we get there (demos ii)

by Love in the Robotic Age

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songs I made in my bedroom between the months of September 2016 and February 2017. It's pretty gay


released March 29, 2017

Everything recorded by Taylor Prindle, 2017



all rights reserved
Track Name: asthmatic, apathetic
I was born
Having an asthma attack
Little baby me could not breath

18 years later
My lungs are still black
I cough and I wheeze and I wheeze

Maybe it's because I started smoking cigarettes
These cigarettes are the ones smoking me
Maybe it's because urban pollution
Either way I cannot breath I cannot breath

I hope one day I die of cancer
I hope one day I cough these lungs onto the ground
You'll be standing there over me
Staring at my dying body

I cannot breath I cannot breath I cannot breath
I don't care that I can't breath
Because the less that I can breath
Means the sooner I am to dying
And dying means freedom to me
Track Name: thrift store sweaters
The night we met you were drunk as hell
And I was too distracted to tell
It took my flying 2000 miles away
To realize how much you had affected me

I'm getting sick and tired of this place
And I didnt know what home felt like
Until I was with you
Holy fuck, I miss you

We both have a lot of issue problems
It's a weird part of our tragic lives
And maybe once things settle down
We can try to figure it out

We'll lay on your roof smoking cigarettes
As we feel the earth move beneath us
I dont use words like baby
But these days all I think about is being in your company
Track Name: a letter to my favorite musician
It started with folk punks
It started in Adam's house
Your beard was longer
Your voice as loud and soft as ever

We stood in the corner,
Talking about love songs and various issue problems
When being politically incorrect was still cool
Stories from when you were 18

You grabbed my hand
As we ran into the night
Passed the bar and passed the school
We arrived at your friend Randy’s house
Saved a human kitten
And burned it all down

Along the way you warned me to be afraid of Jesus
Told me about your Heartilations
And how you were a knife
Oh how you were a knife man

Your punk friends were cool
So much cooler than me
Drinking, smoking, and sadly sighing
Spewing world views that made sense to me

So we drank another beer
And you played your guitar so aggressively
Misaligned glasses, bloody polo shirt,
Your soul exploding as sweat dripped down your face

You were always there for me
A reliable escape
Coming along with me on midnight drives
Bringing me back to reality

Though it’s hard sometimes
And we don’t see each other much anymore
You had to grow up someday
And though it may be different now
You’re still right down the street
Track Name: october
Who was I in October
Before I left that school
Where did I go
The girl I knew in October

I'm a lot of things
But mostly I'm a bit narcissistic
And whenever I get the chance
I like to talk about how fucking cool I am

But I'll also take the chance
To remind you that I'm a garbage
Human being
And you shouldn't waist your time on me
You shouldn't waist your time on me

Thanks for letting my cry in your car
Thanks for letting whine about how fucked up things are
I bitch and I moan
Because I don't know any other way to express myself

I'm trying to learn how to love myself
I'm trying to learn how to love myself

Who was I in October
Who was I in October
Where did she go
The girl I knew in October